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Concrete Pole Production Equipment

    1. Concrete Batching Plant

      A complete concrete batching plant is composed of cement mixer, concrete batching machine, cement silo, screw conveyor and control cabinet. According to the productivity of concrete poles, the concrete plant is available in two types: JS500 and JS750. The JS500 batch plant is frequently asked and used, meeting the productivity requirement for 30,000 concrete poles every year.

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    1. Tension Jack

      The tension jack is developed for prestressing steel bars used in the steel cage. The prestressing equipment is driven by an oil pump and remarkably enhances the structural resilience and load-bearing capacity. Major configurations of a complete tensioning system include tension jack, oil pump, tension rod and more.

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    1. Buttonhead Forming Machine

      In accordance to different processing modes, the forging machine has two types, cold forging and hot forging. Advantages of cold forging are cheap and easy operation. As for hot forging, it finishes the forging process quickly, with low failure rate, due to the installation of a pneumatic pressure system.

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    1. Concrete Dosing Machine

      The concrete dosing machine is designed to disperse mixed concrete into the concrete pole mold. Its main parts are hopper, hopper valve, screw conveyor, driving system and control system, etc. By installing a light track below the hopper, the concrete dosing machine saves a lot on labor cost and shows high production efficiency. Additionally, the boards on both side of the track prevent the concrete splashing and waste.

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    1. Gantry Crane / Overhead Crane

      At a concrete pole manufacture factory, the crane is often used to hoist and transport reinforced and prestrssed concrete poles. Thegantry crane or bridge crane by Haiyu Industry have these following types: single-speed, double-speed, small-scale and medium-scale type. The lifting capacity is 3-16 tons, working temperature is 25-40 ℃, working level is A3-A5 and the machine length is 12-30 meters.

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    1. Reinforcing Cage Welding Machine

      With a fully-automatic system, the reinforcing cage welding machine realizes fast and quick production. During the manufacture process, the cage rotates synchronously along with the feeding, welding and discharging parts. The reinforcement cage former also ensures highly accurate position.

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    1. PC Bar Straightening and Cutting Machine

      The straightening and cutting machine is fully automated and features a compact structure, simple operation, high accuracy and easy feeding. It's a vital machine in the mass production of prestressed concrete poles.

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    1. Steam Curing System

      Equipped with a manufacture programmable system and automatic data collecting system, the steam curing system is an ideal choice for curing concrete poles. The curing system has a strict control over the manufacture environment temperature and shows the temperature changes in a temperature-time curve graph. Besides, the steam curing system has such functions as data record, data query, data storage and table printing.

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