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PC Bar Straightening and Cutting Machine

Steel Bar Cutting Machine, Bar Straightening Equipment, Bar Straightening Machine

The straightening and cutting machine is fully automated and features a compact structure, simple operation, high accuracy and easy feeding. It's a vital machine in the mass production of prestressed concrete poles.

Outstanding Features of PC Bar Straightening and Cutting Machine
1. Driven by the pneumatic cylinder, the straightening and cutting machine has swift action.
2. Stable pressure is ensured thanks to the combination of the pneumatic system and gas storage tank.
3. Controlled by PLC and frequency converter, the PC bar processing machine has convenient operation, easy maintenance, failure-free running and energy-saving capacity.
4. The pneumatic cylinder and electro-pneumatic valve are introduced from international famous brands, with great performance.
5. The frequency converter offers flexible speed adjustment, with fast steel bar feeding speed at stage one while slow speed at stage two. It ensures enough time for cutting. Plus, the machine will automatically switch into high speed when the cutting job is done.
6. A simple structure is manufactured with the material rack, making it easy to install.

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