Reinforcing Cage Welding Machine

Reinforcement Cage Former, Steel Cage Welding Equipment, Cage Processing Machine

 Cage welding equipment
Cage welding equipment

The patented cage welding machine is mainly applied for welding steel cages that are used in reinforced concrete poles, pre-stressed concrete poles and partially-prestressed concrete poles.

With a fully-automatic system, the reinforcing cage welding machine realizes fast and quick production. During the manufacture process, the cage rotates synchronously along with the feeding, welding and discharging parts. The reinforcement cage former also ensures highly accurate position. For producing concrete poles of different diameters, operator only needs to change the pole mould, adjust the welding electrode distribution and welding wheel. When all welding process is done, the machine automatically discharges the cage.

Specificationsof Cage Welding Machine
1) Pole diameter: 150-400mm;
2) Pole Length: 3000-15000mm;
3) Steel Bar Processing Capacity: 8-24 pcs/ 6-22mm
4) Spiral Bar Diameter: 3-6 mm;
5) Spiral Bar Pitch: 5-200 mm;
6) Working Mode: Automatic manufacture;
7) Ratio between radius and height: 1:50, 1:75;

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