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Concrete Culvert Pipe Mold

    1. RCC Concrete Pipe Mold

      In the manufacture process of rcc concrete culvert pipes, rcc concrete pipe mold rotates under the action of centrifugal force, concrete is distributed evenly and covered on the inner wall of concrete pipe mold. Rcc concrete pipe mold is an easy-to-operated and efficient device for producing rcc concrete pipes.

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    1. Concrete Pipe Form (Roller Type)

      This roller type concrete pipe form is well suited for the manufacture of concrete water pipes that are 2 meters long and have an inner diameter of 200-2000 mm. Equipped with advanced technology, the concrete pipe form has a smooth inner wall. According to the connection ways, the pipe form can be divided into rigid joint and pin joint type.

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    1. Concrete Manhole Form

      The concrete manhole form is configured with an external housing, internal chamber and flanges. Each part is connected with Φ 12mm bolts, easy to install. The manhole form plate is 5mm thick while the stiffener is 10mm thick. Concrete manholes produced by this form possess a tensile strength of over 400 MPa, ductility of 18%, bearing capacity of more than 2 tons.

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    1. Vertical Vibrating Concrete Pipe Mould

      The vertical vibrating concrete pipe mould consists of a steel housing and a steel inner chamber mounted with a vibrator. The housing is made of two pieces of 5mm thick semicircular columns (3 pieces for 20m-diamter molds) that are connected and fastened by pins. For the inner chamber, its lower mouth is a littler smaller than the upper mouth, to make demolding easy.

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