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Concrete Pipe Machine

    1. Roller Concrete Pipe Machine In the roller concrete pipe machine, the main body is assembled by 8-10mm thick steel plates. The roll shaft uses seamless steel pipe, with a thickness less than 30mm. As for the moveable frame, it's made from 12 mm thick steel. To ensure stable operation, the variable speed motor used is from famous brands and all devices in the power distribution cabinet are introduced from Schneider, with high quality and reliable performance.
    1. Centrifugal Concrete Pipe Machine As being a commonly-used concrete pipe forming machine, the centrifugal concrete pipe machine is a great choice for the manufacture of plain-end, tongue-and-groove and bell-and-spigot pipes. If demanded, the machine can also be customized. While working, the concrete is spun and formed under the triple influence of centrifugal force, rolling pressure and vibration, leading to high intensity and bearing capacity.
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