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Centrifugal Concrete Pipe Machine

Water Pipe Making Machine, Sewage Pipe Machine, Concrete Pipe Manufacture

As being a commonly-used concrete pipe forming machine, the centrifugal concrete pipe machine is a great choice for the manufacture of plain-end, tongue-and-groove and bell-and-spigot pipes. If demanded, the machine can also be customized. While working, the concrete is spun and formed under the triple influence of centrifugal force, rolling pressure and vibration, leading to high intensity and bearing capacity.

The centrifugal concrete pipe machine has reliable and stable quality, compliant with JC/T 822-2003 standards for concrete products. There are double-wheel and three-wheel types provided, with a capability of producing 1 or 2 water pipes simultaneously.

Benefits and Features of Concrete Pipe Machine
1. Covered with nylon, the wheels are resistant to friction and have a long service life and low-noise operation.
2. The assembled wheels are not only easy to install and dismount, but the cost is reduced. For machine maintenance, only wearing parts need to be replaced, instead of the whole wheel.
3. Auxiliary wheels are added, in order to boost the speed, reduce vibration and avoid mold falling off.
4. The pipe making machine possesses easy operation, high degree of security and convenience, reliable properties, high yield and standard dimensions.

Technical Parameters of Centrifugal Concrete Pipe Machine
No. Item Unit Type
Double-wheel Three-wheel
1 Wheelbase mm 1870
2 Track mm 1500-2800
3 External diameter of wheel mm 800-920
4 Thickness of wheel mm 100
5 Angle between the wheel and the mold ° 75°-110°
6 Max. pipe length m 2-4
7 Max. pipe diameter Plain end, tongue-and-groove, and pipe jacking type mm Φ Φ1800
Bell-and-spigot type Φ1800 Φ1800
8 Motor power kW 37-90 55-132
9 Speed of main shaft (Continuously variable transmission) r/min 100-500 100-500
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