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Concrete Spun Pole Mould

Concrete Pole Mold, Concrete Spun Pole Mold, Concrete Electric Pole Mold

Haiyu Concrete Spun Pole Mold is manufactured and processed with unique technology. 10mm steel plate is used for mold cylinder , casting steel is widely used in the running wheels and joint flange. 18m overall lathe is the longest in Asia area which can manufacture concrete spun pole mold with max. length to 18m without flange connection which can greatly guarantee the lifespan of mold . Welding machines is imported from Japan to make sure our welding technology is most advanced in China.

The concrete spun pole mould is composed of two semi-circle parts and is available in two versions: equal-diameter type and conical type. For the first type, the diameter rangers from 100 to 470mm, length from 6-21 meters and the ratio between radius and height is 1:75-1:65. For the latter type, the diameter ranges from 200mm to 400mm and the height is 3-9 meters. Concrete spun pole moulds by our company are well suited for the production of pre-stressed poles and non-prestressed poles. Additionally, we also offer customization service.

    1. Prestressed Concrete Electric Pole Mould

      Concrete electric spun pole mould is the most important concrete pole forming equipment in concrete pole factory. It’s designed and manufactured according to concrete pole specifications. Its length ranges from 6m to 18m, diameter from 110mm to 350mm. We can also customize other specification of concrete pole mould according to request of customers.

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    1. Square Concrete Pole Mould

      Back by automated manufacture process, the square concrete pole mould consists of a tension system, hydraulic system and electric control system to produce hollow square poles that conform to NFC standard. Additionally, we can customize the specifications of square concrete pole moulds.

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    1. Solid Rectangle Concrete Pole Mould

      When manufacture, first place the molds orderly, then tension the steel bars, after that, pouring concrete into the mold, finally, a vibration bar will be used to smoothen and solidify the concrete. The entire work is easy and convenient.

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