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Solid Rectangle Concrete Pole Mould

Solid Pole Mold, Rectangle Pole Mould, Utility Pole Molding

We especially designed and manufactured this type of solid rectangle concrete pole mould to satisfy the huge demands in Africa, Southeast Asia and West Africa, etc.

When manufacture, first place the molds orderly, then tension the steel bars, after that, pouring concrete into the mold, finally, a vibration bar will be used to smoothen and solidify the concrete. The entire work is easy and convenient.

Solid rectangle concrete pole moulds
Solid rectangle concrete poles

The pole production process is manually operated, including concrete mixing, feeding, vibrating, cage winding and more. Thus, it’s a little hard to ensure high quality all the same since the performance of different workers in every production cycle cannot be always stayed at a high level. The breakage rate and defective rate might be random during the manufacture and transportation. Slight quality fluctuation makes it a little hard to always ensure the project quality.

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