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Roller Concrete Pipe Machine

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In the roller concrete pipe machine, the main body is assembled by 8-10mm thick steel plates. The roll shaft uses seamless steel pipe, with a thickness less than 30mm. As for the moveable frame, it's made from 12 mm thick steel. To ensure stable operation, the variable speed motor used is from famous brands and all devices in the power distribution cabinet are introduced from Schneider, with high quality and reliable performance. By applying these mentioned configurations, the roller concrete pipe machine is extremely suitable for manufacturing Φ200-2200mm and 1-4m long circular pipes, square concrete pipes, bell-and-spigot pipes, tongue-and-groove pipes and plain-end concrete pipes.

Attractive Features of Concrete Pipe Machine
1. At the front end of the roller shaft, there are 3 to 4 compression rings that effectively prevent the damage of shaft, like deformation, joint space expanding, front end crack and more.
2. The transmission system of feeding material makes use of drum motor, which features a compact structure, secure and reliable operation, short feeding time, short forming time and high efficiency. Additionally, the machine is designed with a support frame and pulleys to increase the stability while machine is running.
3. Automatically adjusting, the bearing pedestal guarantees central points of main transmission shaft, roller shaft and the machine frame are on the same straight line, extending the machine lifespan.
4. According to different diameters of concrete pipes, operator switches the dual-direction vibration system to the optimal mode. Under the influence of variable-amplitude vibration, no matter what the size of concrete pipe is, it takes 1-5 min to form, with a vibration frequency of 1-5s. The automatic demolding process requires 30-50s. A trolley is then used to transfer the concrete tubes to the curing machine, fast and efficient.

Application of Roller Concrete Pipe Machine
Technical Parameters of Roller Concrete Pipe Machine
Model Length (mm) Diameter of main shaft (mm) Motor power (kW) Dimensions (mm)
300×600 1000 120 7.5 2500×1500×1300
2000 120 15 3500×1500×1300
3000 120 22 4500×1500×1300
800-1200 2000 180 45 4500×2200×1800
2500 240 45 5000×2200×1800
3000 240 55 5500×2200×1800
4000 300 75 6500×2200×1800
800-1500 2000 350 75 4500×2500×2080
2500 350 75 5000×2500×2080
1200-2000 2000 500 90 5000×2800×2080
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