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Concrete Pole Centrifugal Spinning Machine

Concrete Spun Pole Machine, Concrete Electric Pole Machine, Concrete Pole Machine

As most important concrete pole plant production machines, centrifugal spinning pole machine is used to produce prestressed and reinforced concrete spun poles widely used in East Africa and Southeast Asia countries.

The centrifugal spinning machine consists of foundation, wheels, shaft pedestal, motor, control cabinet and drive shaft. When manufacture, the pole mould is firstly filled with a reinforcement cage and proper amount of concrete, and then the mould is installed onto the centrifugal spinning machine and rotates along with the machine for a while. With the action of centrifugal force, the concrete is adhered to the steel tightly and the concrete pole is roughly done.

Types: Double-wheel type (DL1) and three-wheel type (DL2)
Manufacture capacity: 5-6 pcs/ h
Motor power: 30KW-75KW, variable frequency

Configurations of Centrifugal Spinning Machine
  • Bearing pedestal

  • Centrifugal machine casting steel base

  • Casting steel shaft

  • HRB bearing

  • Cast steel wheel

  • Control cabinet

  • Motor

Technical Parameters of Centrifugal Spinning Machine
No. Item Unit Type
Double-wheel Three-wheel
1 Wheelbase mm 2000 2000
2 Track mm 800 800
3 External diameter of wheel mm 550 550
4 Thickness of wheel mm 80 80
5 Angle between the wheel and the mould (°) 75 °- 110 °
6 Max. pole length m 15 15
7 Max. pole diameter Conical pole mm 550 550
Equal-diameter pole 500 500
8 Motor power kw 45 45
9 Speed of main shaft (Continuously variable transmission) rpm 60-600 60-600

Outstanding Advantages of Centrifugal Spinning Machine
1. Equipped with an adjustable-speed motor and other advanced control devices, thespinning machine possesses stable running, wide adjustment range, low noise, good sealing, convenient operation and high security.
2. The foundation is welded from high-quality steel, firm, durable and easy to install.
3. By using killed steel, the concrete pole centrifugal spinning machine shows an excellent resistance to abrasion. It can also be installed with automated controller, realizing programmable control of low-speed, medium-speed and high-speed as well as flexible adjustment of time and rotational speed.
4. The wheel is easy to disassemble, greatly simplifying the maintenance and repair work.
5. With a secure connection design, the concrete pole machine effectively avoids stress concentration and reduces shaft breakage.

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